Savon Noir x Prickly Pear Seed oil



Savon Beldi Soap 100g

An antiquated, organic cleansing soap deriving from enchanting Morocco, our Savon Noir has been uniquely paired with prickly pear seeds to give you a cleansing experience like no other. This high-alkaline castile soap will work harmoniously to exfoliate, cleanse and replenish, all in one.

Containing a high concentration of Amino Acids, Omega 9, Omega 6 and Vitamins A, B, E, and K, use this cleansing miracle worker a few times a week to tackle lacklustre skin and give you fresh, radiate, glowing skin.

 How to use

We recommend that you use this to soap once a week.

It is so important to cleanse your beautiful face before applying any face masks or oils. By doing this, your skin will be able to properly absorb the nutrients it with, thus, we included the best possible soap that your skin can be cleansed by. Savon Noir is all natural, works with all skin types, and deeply cleanses the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells. Gently wash your face with warm water to open your pores and in a circular motion, apply the soap around your face, avoiding your eyes, then rinse.

Avoid ALL contact with eyes

The Moroccan Miracle soap can be found in all parts of Morocco, an ancient tradition passed down centuries in our family, this multi purpose soap can also be used on the body as well as the hair.

Top tip: A Great way to get rid of pellicle is by deeply washing your scalp with Savon Noir. Rinse off with lukewarm water and follow with your normal shampoo.


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