24. 06. 2022

Bathing is the ultimate beauty treatment

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Bathing is the ultimate beauty treatment, an instantly calming regime and often our first form of retreat from the chaos of the outside world. Light your bathroom with flickering candles, close your eyes and create a scented island, remote from all the pressures of the day. Close your eyes, breathe in slowly and deeply, let your body and mind relax and withdraw into a peaceful oasis of pure aroma.

Retreat into the sanctuary of your home spa

When all around you is in a state of chaos, and you have had an extremely long and arduous day, there is nothing better than retreating into the sanctuary of your bathroom, lighting some beautiful scented candles, closing your eyes and immersing yourself in a warm, heavenly fragrant bath. Your bathroom is your sanctuary, your private haven in which to pamper yourself.

Its good for your mind, body and soul

Allowing your mind to drift whilst soaking in a warm tub surrounded by softly-lit candles, the air heavy with the scent of exotic fragrances, does wonders for your soul.

Bathing can be a sensual and a therapeutic experience with luxurious aromatic soaps, soothing bath oils and decadent shower creams. You bathe to rinse away the day’s stress and tensions, to cleanse the mind, body and soul of negative emotions and to restore tranquility.

Improves your skin and circulation

The condition of your skin tells a thousand tales about your well-being and your age. Relaxation is the key to turning back the clock, nothing ages you faster than stress. Submerge yourself in water to increase your blood circulation and scrub your body with a loofah or a brush to remove dead skin cells, this also helps in increasing your blood circulation. Once you emerge from your bath, apply copious amounts of our Liquid Gold Argan Oil to your skin and wrap yourself in your softest towel.

Brings back the lustre to your hair

Your hair is your ultimate accessory, your crowning glory, a reflection of your style and taste and it symbolizes your state of health and mental wellbeing. Nothing boosts your confidence more than a thick healthy head of hair. Regular shampooing and conditioning is vital for its maintenance, afterwards run your fingers through your hair with drops of our Liquid Gold Argan Oil to moisturize, condition and maintain a shiny appearance.

Tips and tricks

As life begins to whirl at a frenetic pace and time become a rare commodity, ensure that you leave some time to take care of yourself. Bathing is the ultimate beauty treatment.

Living in this fast-paced world doesn’t always allow us with the time to pamper ourselves. Not only is this good for your body, but it is also good for your mind and your soul. Book a date in your diary once a week, to focus on you. Think about what candles, fragrances, bath oils, music and books you want to read when creating your bathing sanctuary and make sure that you take the time to retreat and really unwind from the stresses of your day.

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