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It's Spring 2015

and a trip to the ancient city of Meknes, Morocco near the Atlas Mountains sparks the beginning of an exciting journey for Ameera London’s British founder, Nabil Abbaze.

Meknes hosts SIAM: Salon International de L’Agriculture au Maroc – the nation’s expansive and infamous annual agricultural exhibition. At the tradeshow Nabil was fascinated by the lustrous hair, sleek nails and glowing skin of the Berber women at the Argan Oil stands. Impressed by the rich heritage behind their products, he visualised the potential for pure organic products, crafted from high quality ingredients, formulated following ancient Moroccan beauty secrets to be launched on an international stage.

Returning home to West London energised by his discovery, he spent the following months researching and developing what would later become the dynamic Ameera London brand as it is known today – hugely popular in Morocco and an internationally recognised organic beauty business. 

Launched in March 2016 and named after his daughter (Ameera means ‘princess’ in Arabic) and her birthplace London, Ameera London is a successful family run business with London roots and prides itself on its Moroccan heritage. 

Ameera London’s passion for ancient Moroccan beauty secrets is coupled with a desire to empower and instil confidence in women of all ages and skin types through their inner and outer beauty.  The team strives to share its love for Moroccan, Berber skincare regimes with social media trendsetters and enthusiasts.  Ameera London hopes to spread our beauty philosophy further by the opening of our first store in Chelsea, London.

Our Customers and Press

The company has acquired a significant following in the Middle East, with influential artists and celebrities praising the Ameera London skincare range.

With a steadily growing global customer base of stylish cosmetics and skincare enthusiasts, since launching in 2016, taste makers and major publications including British Vogue, Tatler, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Brides have recognised the luxurious sophistication of Ameera London’s nourishing Moroccan Ghassoul facial mask and rejuvenating Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil.

Our Values

Women Empowerment

Ameera London was founded on the desire to create a leading beauty, hair and skincare brand that promotes women empowerment globally, through collaborating with them to encapsulate ancient Moroccan beauty secrets into luxurious hair and skincare products that make them look and feel beautiful every day.  Our business has been developed around supporting our core values:

  1. Providing economic empowerment to the women behind the production of these products through employment.
  2. Showcasing their stories around the development of ancient Moroccan beauty secrets and celebrating this with the rest of the world.
  3. We would like every woman to feel like a princess through instilling confidence in them regardless of age, skin colour or ethnicity through their collaboration with Ameera London, whether through employment or their own personal use of each of our products.

Our Values

Moroccan Beauty Secrets

We believe in creating multi-functional products that are part of a regime, and are formulated following trusted Moroccan beauty secrets handed down from generation to generation. We take a holistic approach to beauty that transcends skincare, and focuses on a balanced lifestyle across your mind, body and well being.

Despite our early success the team believes that there is a lot more that we can do. From expanding our skincare range, to uncovering more intriguing, ancient beauty secrets to share with the world, to putting Morocco on the map as the go to source for high end, enriched, organic cosmetics.  

Our Values

Beauty with Intention

We are committed to creating beauty products that draw upon natural ethically sourced ingredients and are manufactured in small-batch quantities by local suppliers. We strive to ensure that our products are organic, free of artificial fragrances, colours, SLS or parabens.  Transparency, environmental awareness and ethics sit at the heart of what Ameera London stands for.

The company ensures that the women of the Argan forest are fairly paid for their work, providing additional financial support and regularly donating clothing to the children of this vast rural community. 

We founded our business to help empower others. Through working together, we can all make a difference.
Nabil Abbaze

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