24. 06. 2022

Morocco's prized beauty secret, argan oil

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Often referred to as Liquid Gold because of its many benefits, Argan Oil has a far-reaching reputation amongst health and beauty experts. Renowned for its regenerating properties, and for creating lustrous hair, nails and skin, not only is it used within the beauty industry, but it is also held in high regard by the food and nutrition industry and recent scientific studies have found it to be rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Dating back centuries

Moroccans are in awe of the curative properties of Argan oil and have been using it since time immemorial, with its heritage dating back to 1550BC. Once introduced to Europe, Argan oil soon became an exclusive beauty super ingredient for the rich and royal.

Farmed by the Berber women who live in remote villages in the mountains, approximately 95% of the Berbers make their living from the prized Argan tree and the beautiful Berber women donate the secret of their beauty to Argan oil, which they regularly apply to their skin, hair and nails.

Argan trees are grown naturally only in Morocco and are protected by UNESCO, a government entity which ensures the resources of Argan trees don’t run out. In 1999, UNESCO declared the Argan region a biosphere reserve initiating many beneficial programs that aimed to ensure that the cooperatives worked under better conditions, providing the Berber women with an improved work life balance.

Cultivated in the southern-western part of Moroccan and with the ability to thrive in desert conditions, Argan trees derive their name from the Moroccan village in which they are grown, Argana, which is a few miles outside the city of Agadir.

This region is known for its large population of goats who take great pleasure in climbing Argan trees to feed on this fruit. These fruits contain a hard nut, inside which you will find the magical little kernels which store this Liquid Gold.

Argan Oil offers powerful regenerating properties for your skin

  • Pure Argan oil is readily absorbed into your skin and it regulates your PH balance. Topical application of Argan oil helps to calm inflammations and control the excess secretion of sebum, which causes acne.
  • Argan oil also fades scars left by active acne and triggers the renewal of skin cells improving elasticity whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Full of antioxidants, it helps to protect your skin cells from damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Not only does it help you with dry, flaky, irritated skin but also with controlling your sebum production and maintaining healthy levels of your skin’s natural oils. Regular use of argan oil ensures your skin is oil-free and radiant.

One of nature's true wonders

Argan oil is one of nature’s true wonders and one of Morocco’s prized ancient beauty secrets, enabling the Berber women a lifestyle and economic empowerment, in a region which is rural and desert like. It is fascinating to think that these little kernels cradled within the seed of the Argan fruit are packed with so much power. 

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