24. 06. 2022

Why Your Skin Isn't Reacting Well to Makeup Right Now

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Restrictions are beginning to ease up around the world, which means, naturally, makeup is bound to make a comeback too. If you recently put on a full face of makeup for the first time in a long time, there is a good possibility that you might have broken out, become irritated or felt excessively oily or dry (or both). Not to worry, though. We understand your frustration and according to experts, it's normal due to a few skin-triggering causes. Here's how:

Your Skin Needs to Re-Adjust Again

Simply put, we all know how difficult it can sometimes be to get back into the routine of work after a long holiday, right? It works the same for skin; our skin is trying to get back into the groove of things after months of hibernation. The sudden onset of ingredients for prolonged hours can cause irritation.

Masks, Sweat and Makeup: The Breakout Recipe 

It's hot and humid this time of year, and we constantly have to cover our mouths and noses with face coverings. These drastic lifestyle changes influence how our skin responds to makeup. Masks can cause breakouts and skin complications such as acne and perioral dermatitis because they can alter your skin's oil and sweat production. When makeup is applied under a mask, it further intensifies your skin reaction, causing you to break out more than usual.

Is Your Makeup Expired? 

Just like food, skincare and makeup products can expire, too. Some of your go-to products may have expired during isolation without you realising - which may be harming your skin. If your makeup is expired, it can allow bacteria to build up within products and lead to flare-ups. 

To be on the safe side, check the icon tag on the packaging to tell you if it's past their prime-time.

Your Fast- Track Solutions:

Gradually reintroduce makeup products to allow your skin to re-adjust. These top tips will additionally aid you in re-achieving the skin you yearn for:

  • Include a chemical exfoliant to help balance your skin out.
  • Stick to ultra-lightweight makeup products.
  • Cleanse your skin thoroughlly after using a face covering.
  • Ensure your skincare routine is effective both morning and night.
  • Mix your foundation with an oil to soothe your skin - enriched with vitamin E, our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil is always an excellent pick.

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