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Ameera London’s newly launched Facial Spa is designed to equip you with the ultimate Moroccan experience; a beauty ritual which has been prevalent among the Berber women for generations. Our Facial Spa only uses Ameera London products, which are 100% organic and sourced directly from the majestic lands of Morocco. Our fully qualified therapist will tailor your experience based on the unique needs of your delicate skin.

461-463 Fulham Rd
London, SW6 1HL
020 7381 6060

Our Beauty Services

1. Hello Princess

Experience the signature Golden Scrub with Atlas Mountain Honey exfoliate with anti-infalmtory properties re-energize deeply cleansed followed by gently nourishing the skin with our ancient Moroccan berber facial massage technique and Argan oil, to increase blood circulation giving you glowing skin

2. The Royal Atlas

The Royal Atlas facial experience this treatment is focused on sculpting and drainage massage. Deep natural Moroccan Ghassoul Mask followed by liquid gold oil blend massage treatment. 

3. Sahara By Night

Rose Facial designed to plump and reduce the appearance of fatigue, dehydrated skin, Improving your skin elasticity this treatments helps reduce pores and dark circles, best recommended to help promote healthy skin.  

4.The Complete

With us you are given the complete Ameera London golden oil blend cleanse. Our signature Golden Scrub with Atlas mountain Honey. Followed by massage techniques to help promote blood circulation and boost healthier looking skin. Finishing off, toning the skin with our Ameera Face Cosset Pure Rose Water spray 

5.Traditional Moroccan Hamam

Luxury Moroccan hamam facial renew your skin and prepare for winter with us. Deep cleansed with extraction and the Moroccan Ghassoul clay mask, using our very own Liquid Gold Prickly pear seed oil, to deeply massage and awaken your skin. You will feel lasting clean skin helping your make up and day to day, no make up days with added glow to your skin. 

6.Mini Moroccan Classic

Deep cleanse and light exfoliate with our signature Golden Scrub prickly pear seed and honey treatment, helping your skin rejuvenate. A light facial massage with our very own Pure Argan oil, helping you relax and benefit from crucial vitamins in the Argan, Leaving your skin feel smooth and fresh.

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