24. 06. 2022

4 Moroccan Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

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Envision a majestic land of lavender valleys, dusky-hued sunrises and sunsets, jasmine whiffs, and flavoured smells of spices evaporating from the flavoursome tagines. Every time we step foot in Morocco, we proudly remember it offers one of the best health and beauty remedies in the world. Deeply rooted in cleanliness and naturalness, Moroccan beauty rituals hold amazingly purifying habits anyone can include in their beauty routine, once they know about them. From mountains to coasts, you will find natural beauty treatments that were sacredly used by Moroccan women before eras of colonisation and western influence. Despite the constant development of the country, women remain in charge of maintaining traditions that are rooted in beauty. Here, we share with you the most essential beauty secrets inspired by Moroccan women, brought to you by us.  

Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil
Exclusively grown and sourced from Morocco, Argan oil's unique vitamin-richness and innumerable skin and hair virtues make it one of the most prized oil gems in the world. It's extraction, which is conducted for us by our Berber women who are experts in their craft, is a complex process that requires patience and experience. Traditionally, the oil has been applied as an ointment for various health benefits, such as treating dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, skin inflammation, joint pain, and hair loss. An all-time best seller among our Ameera London community, our collaborative influencers also show how to use it before the application of makeup. 
Known as Moroccan clay, the word Ghassoul derives from the Arabic word "to wash", where the purity and cleanliness of this product are highlighted. Unique to North Africa, the minerals are found on the beds of the Atlas Mountains and are known to the local Moroccan community as a rich deep-cleansing and soothing beauty product for the skin and hair. With weekly use, the local Berber women swear by this hack for their vibrant complexions and healthy hair.
Kessa Glove 
This exfoliating scrubbing mitten is an effective addition to your spa kit. Moroccans use this glove traditionally in hammams and in showers. Its traditionally used with Savon Noir all over the body (except for sensitive areas such as the face) and is excellent in its ability to remove dead skin cells. This exfoliating process will leave your skin instantly reinvigorated and with time, you will notice a difference in the suppleness of your skin if used weekly.
Savon Noir
Part of the unique hammam ritual as mentioned above, this buttery solid paste is enriched in vitamin E and is organically made among locals. Used for generations due to its dermatological benefits since the nineteenth century, Savon Noir (also known as Black Soap) is an ancient African beauty remedy, with each country in the continent owning their own secret recipe for it. The beldi (which means "authentic" or "native" in Moroccan Arabic) soap is organically crafted and one of the most beloved beauty items within the Maghrebi territory. It's suitable for all skin types and goes hand in hand with the kessa glove. 

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