24. 06. 2022

The Creation

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Where it all began... 

Being a Moroccan family born & raised in Britain, we knew that the fusion of cultures meant we could provide our customers with beauty secrets that had yet to hit the beauty market. By visiting Morocco yearly since as long as we can remember, we understood that we could tap into our culture and gracefully let the world hear about it too.

The Berber community is a profound community that have been upholding their traditions for generations. By speaking the language and experiencing first-hand with our family back home, we knew we could find a way to share the beauty laws of the Moroccan Berber lands through Ameera London. 

The North African Berber Tribe

Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa - an area of habitation that stretches from Morocco on the left, to Egypt on the right. Berbers also proudly refer to themselves as Amazigh (m), Tamazight (f) or Imazighen (plural) which all mean "free men" or "noble people." The root of the Tamazight (Berber) language has 38 consonants and just 3 vowels, and around 40% of Moroccans inhabit Berber heritage. 

Agadir, south of Morocco, is predominantly Berber and is the incredible city that is home to our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil among other products.

Intertwining our Heritage with Ameera London

As a brand and a family business, we wanted to stay true to our roots while simultaneously spreading the message of self-love to our beautiful, ever-growing community. Living in west London our whole lives, we wanted to have a physical presence where the Moroccan experience is truly felt once entered, while staying in the parameter of our upbringing, hence, our first store opening in Chelsea. 

With our online business and London-based store, we use the tips and tricks we have learnt from the Moroccan best, and incorporate it through our products and values. When you enter our store, you'll be offered traditional Moroccan tea and have your beauty concerns attended to through both our products and traditional Moroccan spa facilities. 

Every product produced by us has been carefully chosen and traditionally understood to give you the best understanding of its benefits and overall traditional experience. 

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