24. 06. 2022

Beauty in Colour - Why Melanin is in Fact, Wondrous

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The year is 2020, and we’re proud of the skin we’re in.

The hashtag #MelaninPoppin alone has over one million posts on Instagram. But, some of you may be unaware of what Melanin is, so let’s dive right into finding out what makes the richness of melanin so wondrous, and what tips to include in your skincare routine accordingly. 

So, What Is Melanin?

Melanin is found everywhere on the planet. It’s a pigment created by cells in your body called melanocytes. To keep it simple - it’s mother nature’s paint. Your hair, iris and skin are all the colour that they are thanks to it. The phenomenally vibrant colours of exotic birds and the glistening hues of fishes are thanks to it, too.

The smaller the size of the melanocyte, the less melanin it will produce and vice versa. The purpose of melanin is to protect the harmful UV rays, so the more you have it, the less likely you are to sunburn quickly.

Melanin is what gives you your glow, and you should be proud to have it. It does so much for you and its high-time we tailored our skincare around our skin type and our skin tone. If you have darker, beautiful skin, then opt to include the following tips into your skincare routine.

1. Moisturise Frequently, Especially After Showers.

Melanin-rich skin is prone to dryness. Hot showers have a tendency of drying out the skin. So, to lock in hydration and prevent any dryness/ashiness, moisturise immediately while your skin is still damp. By doing this, you will save yourself half the rubbing time it usually takes to moisturise and prevent the discomforted feeling of tight skin.

2. Be Careful with Exfoliating

Darker skin is sensitive to exfoliation, so keep an eye out for how your skin reacts when you exfoliate. Choose a gentle, rejuvenating physical exfoliate. Gently exfoliating once or twice a week is an excellent way to keep your skin soft and glowing. An excellent way to accomplish this is by using our astounded kessa glove, as seen here.

3. Beauty Sleep

Sleep and health go hand in hand. Recharge your mind, body and skin with the right number of hours at night. Ensuring this will allow optimal cell renewal which will prevent premature ageing.

4. SPF Daily

Yes, darker skin is less susceptible to harmful UV rays, but this doesn’t mean that SPF should, therefore, be eliminated from your skincare routine. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, we are all at risk of sunburn and skin cancer, so, regardless of your skin tone - SPF is a must!

5. Eat a Balanced Diet

Amazing skin beings from within. Giving your skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself is vital. A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein sources and whole grains is bound to give your luscious skin an extra boost.

The Bottom Line

Establishing an effective skincare routine based on your skin type and tone will keep your gorgeous melanin-rich skin supple, harmonised and luminous. Dark skin is sensitive and more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation, so stay away from harsh chemicals and fragrances maintain a healthy diet, cleanse gently and always, always use an SPF!

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