24. 06. 2022

Body Care Hacks You Need to Try

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Body Care Hacks

Days can get busy and we can feel lazy. The reality is, there will be days where we don't have enough time to apply our tried and true regimen. During moments like this, it's a great idea to rely on a fast track routine that will still bring you great results - without feeling guilty for not sticking to your usual skincare routine! 

Banish the guilt feeling away on lazy days and maximise your time with the useful hacks we've listed below:

  • Use Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil as a shaving cream. It's natural and leaves the skin moisturised. The vitamin E serves as a strong ingredient in preventing ingrown hairs and razor cuts.
  • Apply moisturiser while your body is still damp when you come out of the shower. It will take half the time to rub in, and locks in the moisture more efficiently. 
  • If you are no longer in quarantine wherever you are in the world, use Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil with a drop of highlighter for an extra glow on a night out.
  • To naturally get rid of ingrown hairs, use an exfoliator (we recommend our Golden Scrub) once a week. This will save you time from tweezing regularly.
  • Always wash your face and body after you condition your hair to prevent breakouts caused from shampoo residue. Our natural Savon Noir would do the trick.
  • Use a lotion or our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil on your hands and feet and wrap them in socks for 20-30 minutes. It will heat the moisturiser/oil which aids in penetrating deeper into the skin. The result: hands and feet that are ultra soft and healthy.

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