24. 06. 2022

Quarantining with Sabrinecat

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Times are changing but that doesn't mean your beauty ritual has to! In a world where things currently seem uncertain, one thing we can be certain about is our continuous love for all things beauty. The concept of self-isolation is foreign to us all, but together with Sabrinecat, we have introduced a Spa-in-a-Box to lay your worries to rest with some well-deserved quarantine me-time.

Sabrinecat was one of the first supporters of our most prized Moroccan gems, the Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil and Moroccan Ghassoul. With support and friendship intertwined, we have created a majestic, organic spa set that will have the most beneficial physical and mental effects during these testing times.

All of our routines have taken a halt, but our bodies still yearn for the same nourishment and attention it has always received. We have specifically chosen the most magical items for this box to help give you a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The versatility of these organic products will allow your skin and hair to leave the near-ending quarantine looking and feeling its absolute best. Both our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil and Moroccan Ghassoul are jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants and require little time to apply; the most iconic combination.

Sit back, breath, and indulge in your pampering.

Nothing is ever permanent, and with our Spa Gift Box, both us and Sabrinecat want to radiate the love and reassurance you deserve. We are all in this together, and we will all get through this.  

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