24. 06. 2022

The Art of Collaboration

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Since the very start of our journey back in 2016, we have always understood the importance of supporting health and beauty related Influencers to help empower our community. We never took follower count as the sole determinant factor, but instead, potential. We believe in authenticity, compassion and unique beauty, so it was always vital to collaborate with influencers who uphold that message, regardless of their popularity at the time. 

We have collaborated with an array of influencers; all of which have been a pleasure to work with. As a brand, it is important to us that our relationship with our customers as well as our influencers is always fair and equal. 

By collaborating with influencers from all over the world, we learnt that although we may understand different languages, we all speak one language in common - the language of beauty. 

The passion we hear when talking about all things health and beauty is always unparalleled, and this is what has made our community as close as it is today! Being able to share the makeup looks, DIY tips and health hacks that influencers have been able to share with our products is valuable to us just as much as it is of value to you. 

We adore supporting, appreciating and working with influencers on all ends of the spectrum, and most definitely look forward to sharing our ancient Moroccan beauty secrets with new faces in hopes of continuing to share our beautiful message.


Makeup Hacks from Collaborations

Below are four amazing ways influencers have uniquely used our products in makeup collaborations, that you can try out too!

1. Using our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil as base before the application of foundation and concealer. 

2. Mixing 2-3 drops of our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil in your foundation to give your skin a dewy, glowy look. 

3. Mixing our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil with our Moroccan Ghassoul to amplify the benefits. 

4. Using our Face Cosset Pure Rose Water to set your makeup. 

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