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The Complete Gift Set



The complete Gift set

Indulge yourself with the most luxurious beauty ritual. Enriched with multiple vitamins and antioxidants, the combination of these products will transform your skin from dull, damaged, dry or oily, to rejuvenated, revitalized and youthful. Incorporate this into your weekly beauty routine and enjoy a moment of well-deserved relaxation. Whether it’s for him or for her, The Complete Skin and Hair Rejuvenation set has been designed for you, to meet your needs or the needs of the lucky gift recipient! Our unique set gathers all the cosmetic virtues of Mother Nature’s natural ingredients, and can be used individually or together in an intense yet simple step by step process! Here’s how:


  • Step 1: Cleanse your skin with Savon Noir.

It is so important to cleanse your beautiful face before applying any face masks or oils. By doing this, your skin will be able to properly absorb the nutrients it comes into contact with, thus, we included the best possible soap that your skin can be cleansed by. Savon Noir is all natural, works with all skin types, and deeply cleanses the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells. Gently wash your face with warm water to open your pores and in a circular motion, apply the soap around your face, avoiding your eyes, then rinse.

Top tip: A Great way to get rid of pellicle is by deeply washing your scalp with Savon Noir. Rinse off with lukewarm water and follow with your normal shampoo.


  • Step 2: Apply the Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask onto the skin.

Moroccan Ghassoul is a mineral enriched, one hundred percent hypo-allergic clay that will effectively absorb impurities from both the skin and hair. The negatively charged clay particles draw out positively charged impurities that are embedded in your skin, therefore, cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating all at once! It is suitable for all skin types, and aids with inflammatory conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Allow the mask to set until dry, then proceed to washing it off with cold water or a gentle wet cleansing cloth. Your skin will be wondrously replenished.

Top tip: The Saponin content in Ghassoul clay makes it an exceptional Shampoo alternative. Ghassoul has cleansing benefits and makes the hair soft, silky, shiny and manageable. When used as a hair mask, it acts as an additional conditioner, leaving your hair softer and more manageable.


  • Step 3: Finish off with our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil.

After a deep cleanse and for an all-time glow, it’s vital to finish off by moisturizing and hydrating your skin to truly heighten the positive results. We incorporated our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil because of its high levels of vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidants. This majestic oil will tighten your pores, soothe your skin and enhance its hydration. Apple a few of our golden drops onto your face using a tapping circular motion, and you’re all set!

Top tip: If you suffer extra dry, damaged or frizzy hair, our Liquid Gold Pure Argan oil is an efficient cure. Simply apply it after washing, focusing generously on the ends.

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